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Budget Plans

A predictable monthly budget plan makes your heating costs easier to manage

Heating costs can add up quickly, especially when you consider today’s unpredictable winter weather patterns. With a budget plan, your payments are spread evenly over 11 months, meaning that you pay the same amount every month. The benefits are amazing: no surprises, only stable, predictable fuel payments throughout the year.

We estimate your heating oil use and level the costs over an 11-month period. At the end of that time, if we owe you money, we pay you the difference. If you have used more than the estimate, you pay the difference.

More benefits:

The budget plan program begins in July and continues until the end of May. If there is an amount owed, the balance is due on the first day of June.

To find out more about our budget plan or to sign up, call today at 973-786-1908.